Property Service Management

Potential Real Estate provides comprehensive and integrated property management services, with hands on approach to the followings:

  • Rent Review
  • Marketing
  • Leasing
  • Operational Budgeting
  • Periodic Reports
  • Facility Management
  • Local Legalities compliance

The above stated services enforced by qualified team and state of the art facility management software enables landlords to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Achieving the highest occupancy levels and rent rates
  • Ensuring quality tenants who are committed to timely payments, achieving the best rent collection and budgeted cash-flow
  • Rationalizing expenditures, yet providing the best sub-contractors and service providers, to efficiently maintain the property, the matter that preserves and prolongs its life cycle
  • Providing precise information concerning various trends, developments and changes that occur in the real estate market, such as the supply and demand levels, rental rates and expected financial returns
  • Employing consistent property management services that guarantee tenants’ satisfaction and loyalty
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