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What Are the Benefits of the Expo 2020 Visitor App?

Here’s a quick glimpse at what you can use the app for:

  • Buy tickets
  • Create a personalized schedule for all attractions or events that match your interests
  • Have access to all 200 dining venues and choose the ones you like
  • Choose from the endless culinary events
  • Reserve a place in pavilions using the Smart Queues system
  • Find information on opening times, parking, and transportation through the metro or the free bus service
  • Have access to an interactive GPS-enabled Expo 2020 map with detailed information on the locations of all attractions
  • Track your Expo journey on a digital passport
  • Visit Expo virtually.
expo 2020 map

How Does the Expo Visitor App Work?

Users will find a chatbot that helps them with all needed information, as well as contact with the customer service centre.

All they have to do is create a new account or use their existing social media account to log in.

Where Can You Download the Expo 2020 Visitor App?

The app is currently available to download on the App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users.

The app is free to download for all those looking for insight on the spectacular event.

Expo 2020 app download

What Is the Expo 2020 Business App?

The Expo 2020 B2B App or Business App is a separate one that is specifically designed for companies and businesses to help ease their connections during the event.

There’s no better place than right here at the Expo to make good business, with 200 countries showcasing their achievements to the world.

Expo 2020 b2b app

How Does the Expo 2020 Business App Work?

The app helps businesses match with other similar users according to their profiles and different industries in the business world.

  • Once you download the app, create a profile with information about your business
  • Expo speakers, exhibitors, and attendees are then recommended based on your preferences
  • You can use filters to match with potential business partners
  • You can save all contacts on the app in one Excel file or sync with your CRM system.

How Do Users Interact with Others on the Expo 2020 Business App?

Once you find a match, you can chat with them through the app and share contact details through scanning your business card or QR code. Furthermore, you can also schedule meetings as desired on it both through video calls or in person.

expo 2020 business app

What Data Is Visible to Others on the Expo 2020 Business App?

By default, your profile is visible to other users except your contact details. Once a connection is made, it is shared.

How Many Connections Can One User Have on the Expo 2020 Business App?

There is no limit to the number of connections users can have on the app.

Is the Expo 2020 Business App Free of Charge?

A small fee of $3 is charged for a Premium account, which allows you to chat, connect, and schedule meetings.

The premium account also allows you to access the full profiles of your connections once the request is accepted by them.

Expo 2020 mobile app

Where Can You Download the Expo 2020 Business App?

The app is available for all users on the App store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. Furthermore, you can also download it through the WebApp directly on your computer.

Which Devices Are Compatible with the Expo 2020 Business App?

The following devices are compatible with the app:

  • Web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera
  • Android: Minimum required version is Android 5
  • iOS: Minimum required version is iOS 11

Who Developed the Expo 2020 Apps?

The apps are the main applications from Expo 2020, which were designed in collaboration with Accenture, the global event’s official partner in digital services.

expo 2020 app premier partners

Now that you know how to organize your visit, you check out our top recommendations for all the must-visit pavilions at Expo 2020.

The official theme of Expo 2020 is connecting minds, creating the future and these apps certainly are your first step to join in and do exactly that!

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