The world of real estate changes – fast – for businesses, institutions, government agencies and investors. Changing times demand a Fresh Perspective.

At Potential Real Estate we see things differently. Where others see land and buildings, we see strategic assets that can help our clients Build Value. That is our mission. We look at the world through our clients’ eyes with their specific image, culture and requirements in mind. We look beyond to examine all of the alternatives and then we develop solutions that enrich the way people work, live and learn.

We can structure our role according to your needs because our focus is on doing what is right for you. Because we want to take you where you want to be.


With all the decisions you face when looking for the right agent to manage your property or finding the home that is just right for you, knowing that you have a trusted agent who understands the real estate transaction and all the complexity that it involves, will give you the peace of mind you need.

Established in 2006, Potential Real Estate aims to provide the best services in the property and real estate sector in the United Arab Emirates. Our Vision is to create a friendly, professional company working as a unified team to surpass clients expectations of service. Our objective is achieving clients for life!

Our services are diverse and comprehensive but all share the same objective: Providing Answers that our clients need to achieve their strategic goals. Potential Real Estate was established to offer corporate housing; property management as well as property buy & sell, leasing services for the local and international community in UAE. Customized services include development, program management, owner’s representation, consulting and commercial brokerage.

Our strengths are best demonstrated through an exclusive partnership with you our client, and our lifelong commitment to your objectives and success.

Potential Real Estate stands for the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of the goal of Potential Real Estate – A Commitment to Excellence.

As our name suggests, we cater for all of your Real Estate needs.


Property Management:

Potential Property Management provides strategic management solutions that enhance asset values, reduce costs, and improve services while maintaining tenant satisfaction.

Through Property Management, we guarantee you will find:

  • Fast and flexible customer service
  • Support of a full-service commercial real estate firm .
  • Maximum Occupancy rate.
  • We care about the requirements and goals of the landlords and we are willing to offer all our services and a lot more to meet the bottom line:
  • New Leasing Including preparation of tenancy contract as per the owner’s terms
  • Forwarding renewal Notices to the tenants
  • Lease renewals Including preparation of tenancy contract as per the owner’s terms Collection of Rent.
  • Deposit of rents in the Owners dedicated account.
  • Follow-ups , collection and deposit of returned cheques.
  • Maintain the detail database either in house or at owner’s location for the tenants, leased and vacant premises, rental income etc.
  • Providing Assistance to obtaining quotation, evaluation and appointing of contractors for AMC
  • Monitoring the execution of AMC contractor’s scope of works.
  • Maintaining the maximum occupancy level.
  • Our success is also the result of an excellent rapport with our clients. We listen closely and customize our services to their needs. We combine analytical skills and quick decision-making with full-service capabilities to ensure that: YOUR needs come first and YOUR objectives will be met. Success is our only creed.


Potential Property Management provides strategic management solutions that enhance asset values, reduce costs, and improve services while maintaining tenant satisfaction.

These are the facts that you need to be aware of:

  • Potential Real Estate is an integrated team of professional and individual salespeople with a collective tenure in the industry, which speaks volumes in terms of the quality of advice available to our growing client bank.
  • We provide the best of intellectual property knowledge to enable our clients to make informed and sound business decisions.
  • Potential Real Estate is an independent agency, locally owned and operated since 2006 with an influential position in the U.A.E market.
  • We pride ourselves and are acknowledged for our talented marketing concepts the high volume of sales in the upper range.
  • Expertise in supporting property developers and builders. An excellent relationship with property professionals including lawyers, accountants, banks, brokers and lawyers.
  • Our range of discipline transgresses residential, rural, commercial and lifestyle Real Estate.

Buying Properties

We provide information on Interest rates. Property values. Financing. The way things keep changing sometimes even a seasoned homebuyer might feel the need for advice. Fortunately, one thing never changes. You can always count on Potential Real Estate to give you the support you need. Our Professional answers a range of questions homebuyers might have, whether it’s your third move, or your first. We assist hundreds of people annually in the purchase of their dream home.

Selling Properties :

When you are looking for someone to market your property, “guarantee” is a word you will hear often but very few actually keep or maintain their commitment to you. Obviously, things are a lot different at Potential Real Estate.

When you select us to help sell your home, you will receive our Seller Services Guarantee. Yes, we said “Guarantee.” We promise to perform a long list of services to market your home. We keep that promise. Guaranteed.

Marketing Tools available to our Realtors Associates, and ultimately to you, the seller, are numerous. We have national and local print and broadcast advertising that helps bring buyers and sellers together..

Along with advertising, we hold open houses to provide additional exposure for your property. There are many other marketing tools that can be used to market your property, these are just a few examples…call or e-mail one of our associates today to find out Potential real Estate can help you sell your home in the least amount of time and for the highest amount the market will allow.


  • Potential Real Estate Property Company specializes in serviced Apartments, Cheap Flats, Luxury Villas, Houses, and Office Spaces on the lease for locals and Foreigners, so we will satisfy all of your needs of renting the properties in The United Arab Emirates.
  • Potential Real Estate offers the rental service in Abu Dhabi & Dubai & Sharjah Through their Branch Operation.

Our Rental Services Includes the following:

  • Searching All the rental properties available, then PICK UP some most suitable ones to show the Tenants / Clients until he/she prefers to rent.
  • Negotiating with the Owner of Houses about the furniture and services required by the Client and provided by the lessor, then getting the best of the best price for both parties.
  • Negotiating the conditions and articles in the Tenancy Contract to be done to fit both of the sides, such as: the period of Lease Contract, the term of payments, the time of payments, moving date etc.
  • Provide all other services to complete the signing of the contract.


Our skill and entrepreneurial approach get you the results you need. Performance is what we are all about. All the projects we handle, present us with familiar challenges that we are equipped to resolve.

  • Providing the lessor/ Lesse with Best of the Best Price for better relations and better negotiation with the lessors / Lesses.
  • Fast response, 10-hour working days, 06 days/week but not limited and flexible to suit customer timings.
  • Perfect services: detailed rental guideline, intensive customers care, services after rent etc.

Benefits for the lessor:

  • Assistance extended for the negotiation of rentals with Lesses and by providing the requirement of documents from the tenant, rental cheques, and other related document services until the signing of the contract is completed.

Benefits for the Lesse:

  • Saving your precious time: Potential Real Estate is a professional real estate company, so we are able to assist you rent the right property rapidly.
  • Saving your money
  • Since we know the availability of properties and the market rental prices well we can give you the better advice of the reality of the location, the right residential or commercial property, the right price, the better negotiation and the better service.


Whether it is helping clients decide if they should buy, build or lease -and then implementing that decision- or managing construction contracts valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, we’ve done it before successfully. And We can do it for you. We provide integrated solutions that simplify the management of real estate assets so you can focus on your core business.

Our strategy is simple: We believe that vast regional expansion is driven by its confidence in its tried and successful business models which combines the acquisition of undeveloped land, the development and marketing of finished property and active partnership with the best traders in the field of construction materials. From the inception of new project onward maintaining its ownership at every level, allowing us to streamline management and purchase inputs at the most competitive prices.


  • Market assessment
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Project planning, zoning and entitlement oversight
  • Marketing & leasing management
  • Construction Management
  • Contract/lease negotiation & administration

Program management & owner’s representation:

  • Project budgeting & financial controls
  • Construction procurement
  • Contract negotiation
  • Value engineering
  • Project planning & scheduling
  • Cost/schedule analysis / reporting
  • Projct close-out

Tenant representation:

  • Strategic planning/needs analysis
  • Lease abstracting / expense auditing
  • Contract// lease negotiation
  • Account management
  • Portfolio management / lease administration


  • Feasibility analysis
  • Master planning
  • Lease auditing / administration
  • Target marketing
  • Leasing management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Lease negotiation and closing




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